Medicare Doesn't Have to Be Scary.

As an independent agency in Holland specializing in Medicare, we know what it is like to be completely overwhelmed by Medicare. But it doesn’t have to be scary! Let our award-winning team help you at no cost.

You Should Feel Confident With Your Medicare Decisions

Let’s face it, Medicare can be overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. As independent agents, we sit down with folks in the West Michigan area every day to talk over questions such as:


How do I sign up for Medicare?
I already have Medicare, but would switching to a different plan benefit me?
How can I be sure that I sign up for the right plan?
Should I stay on my employer’s health plan?
So much information is being thrown at me, how do I sift through the noise?


The best part? It doesn’t cost you anything. We provide free consultations and will always steer you in the direction we would steer our own family.

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